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I’ve been wanting to write a post for a while about women comedians (I’m not sure i have the energy to do it full justice right now, but I will at least write part one). It all started one night when I watched part of a Carole Burnette special on PBS and realized what a pioneer she was for women on screen–  she wasn’t afraid to throw her body around in weird ways and appear unfeminine.  She now represents a type of performer that basically doesn’t exist anymore — someone who could, in one breath, do this, and in another, this.  As far as I can tell, Burnette never considered herself a feminist, but she did pave the way for, and inspire a lot of the female comedians working today.  Now it seems like feminism and comedy go hand and hand, with women like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Margaret Cho and Ellen DeGeneres (all confessed feminists) and all proving this asshole wronger by the second (as if we needed any proof).

There’s another name that may not be quite ready to find its place among the aforementioned greats, but probably will soon enough, and that is Sarah Haskins. After graduating from Harvard, she moved back to her native Chicago to make her way in the improv scene. More recently, her sketches on Current TV, have been making their way around facebook like wildfire.  Here’s one of my favorites from the her “Target Women” series, which makes fun of  the ridiculous methods that advertisers use to market their products to women.

As you can see, Sarah Haskins is awesome. Which brings me to my final (self promoting point). I interviewed her recently for Business Matters and you can hear it here.