too little, too late?

Last year we read the book, American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfeld. The book is ficiton but it’s clear that the two main characters are meant to represent Laura and George Bush.  Laura is painted as a liberal but meek, “stand-by-her-man” type who was a good person at heart, but never seemed to feel it was her place to interfere in her husband’s politics.

Now the real Laura Bush has written the real Laura Bush biography , and she’s out doing interviews to promote it. It would be interesting to see how her book compares with Sittenfeld’s, I always wondered if she read the Curtis Sittenfeld version of her life, and what she thought of it.

Here she is on Larry King, talking about being pro-gay marraige, and  pro-choice.  I’m kind of vacilating between feeling like this public statement is ‘too little, too late’ and feeling proud of her for being able to hold onto her values through her marriage to GW.  Any thoughts?


1 Response to “too little, too late?”

  1. 1 thetigressreader
    May 17, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    “American Wife” skewed my feelings about Laura Bush. I think of her so much as the character in that book, it is hard to remember that the one is just a fictionalization of the other. I say good for Laura Bush for saying she is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, but from where I am sitting this is definately too little, too late. It seems like if she was really going to be any kind of role model, she would have disagreed with her husband publicly. I think it would have been helpful on two different levels for women: first, it might have drawn some publicity to these issues and possibly swayed legislation and second, it would have showed how complex a marriage can be. People can disagree about things, even big things, and still figure out a way to make it work. That kind of role modelling is something I can get behind — it says stand up for what you believe in and it won’t dismantle your primary relationships.

    ALso, I think that this book is just the wind up to George’s own tell-all, so I also sort of feel funny about that. “Go on, Laura, make sure they didn’t forget us before I hurl my memoirs out there”.

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