The New York Times asks, Unshaven Women: Free Spirits or Unkempt? The comments are especially interesting. A lot of thoughtful ones from women who feel uncomfortable going out in public with hairy pits and legs, but also think its silly to shave.

Also quite a few hair haters (aka anti-hirsutes, a hilarious new vocab word):
“I’m sorry. I will vote for a woman for president. I will work for a woman. Women should be priests, soldiers, equal pay, whatever. But hairy women are seriously unappealing.”

“What’s next? Women with beards? Women are women, not men, so stop trying to turn into a male. If a woman wants to look like a hairy animal, go for it, but it’s sure not for me.”

320 comments in a day — its amazing how charged the issue of leg hair still is.


1 Response to “Pro-hirsute!”

  1. 1 kp
    May 16, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    personally (as a man who’s attracted to [some] women), i can hardly imagine being intimate with a woman with shaved armpits. it’s just not sexy to me. or i guess i could put it conversely: hair under arms is *damn sexy* to me. for a host of reasons, only one of which is that it shows that a woman owns her body, thinks twice about ingrained/institutionalized “beauty” standards which are really just another way to sell more products to women by establishing expectations.

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