Nuns kinda rule

After the recent nun-endorsement of the health care bill, I’ve been feeling pretty good about nuns.  Historically, they have a decent record of standing up against a powerful patriarchy for issues they care about. If only the Catholic church would give women the respect they deserve, I imagine they would find a faster way out of many of the horrific problems that currently embroil the church.

This is all a little besides the point though, my main reason for writing being this little find on the WFMU Beware of the Blog blog (a great blog from WFMU that features odd and amazing musical finds).   The album featured is Fire of God’s love — recorded by Sister Irene O’Connor in 1976, it “stands out with its primitive drum machine and spooky, echo-laden vocals”.

I just love the idea of this nun and her drum machine, holed up in her chambers making trippy jesus-music, maybe smoking a little of that stoney-weed, and doing her part to contribute to a long line of Catholic female mystics.

Listen to the songs, they’re really weird and beautiful. Happy Easter.


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