Lady Writes The Blues: The Life Of Rose McCoy

If ever there was an era I wished I was at my prime in other than now, it was always the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Specifically, I wished I was one of the hit songwriters up on one square block in New York City: 1619 Broadway. Morning meetings would be as boozed up as they appear in Mad Men, and I’d spend the day with a team of clever people finding rhymes for turquoise and corduroys, and the evenings scrawling lyrics on cocktail napkins overheard at bars.

It hadn’t dawned on me until hearing this excellent radio story from the fantastic folks of Radio Diaries that it would have been possible to have had this dream, and realized it then, as a woman. (Let alone a woman of color). Rose Marie McCoy(now an octogenarian) made that possibility her reality.

NPR’s All Things Considered recently ran this delightful 13 minute piece. And first in the comment section on the web page was this offering:

Billy Joe Conor (BillyJoe) wrote:

“As Rose Marie McCoy’s writing partner, I can assure you that Rose has never stopped writing. We collaborated on all the songs in my current new-country music debut CD titled Billy Joe Conor and we’re now writing songs for my next CD.

All the qualities we admire such as patience, kindness and generosity Rose has in abundance. Every day I thank God for her and for having made her part of my life.”


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