you know, a total chick flick

How much do I love Manhola Dargis? Oh, so very much. She is a kick-ass film reviewer with a strong feminist bent and a bit of a potty mouth.

She wrote a great piece this weekend about Kathryn Bigelow’s new-found glory. A real gem comes at the end (read the whole thing though, its great!):

It’s impossible to tell what Ms. Bigelow’s Oscars will mean for her, much less whether it will help other women working in the American movie industry. Perhaps Amy Pascal, the Sony studio co-chairwoman who once suggested to me in an interview that men were better suited to direct action movies, will pay Ms. Bigelow a lot of money to make another war film. Or she can sign up Kelly Reichardt, the director of “Wendy and Lucy,” for a buddy movie, but, you know, with women. Maybe Sandra Bullock will take all the good will and power she has rightly accrued and, with Oprah Winfrey, produce that Hattie McDaniel biography that Mo’Nique wants to make. Kristen Stewart can play Vivien Leigh, who appeared alongside McDaniel in “Gone With the Wind,” the biggest movie that Hollywood ever made and, you know, a total chick flick.

Hattie McDaniel and Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind


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