Women of Juarez at NMMA

The work done at the National Museum of Mexican Art is unique in Chicago. Not only do they highlight the art of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, but they take on controversial issue and function as a community center (Radio Arte, for example, totally rules). Also, they have public openings (which are so rare) with delicious Mexican food and free drinks.

I am going to try to get my butt down the street to attend this opening, an exhibit about the Women of Juarez killings in Mexico. Who wants to join me?

A brief synopsis:

Since 1993, more then 500 women have been killed in Ciudad Juárez in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. For some time now, Mexican and Mexican American artists have been sensitive to the subject of Women of Juarez and have worked on diverse projects to share their perspective on this disturbing situation. The thought provoking pieces throughout the exhibition serve as a chronicle of the struggles of Mexican women and the grievous deaths in Ciudad Juárez. By generating awareness, the artwork supports the cause of the victims’ families who search for justice and truth. The artists of Rastros y Crónicas compel the viewer to comprehend and sympathize with what the victims endured and what the living continue to face. In this way, our generation and future generations will not forget or ignore the loss of life in Ciudad Juárez.

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