precious preview

It’s crazy when a preview has a lasting effect on you — it makes you wonder what the actual movie will do. this one sent me into a depression that lasted a couple of hours, but even since it abated, i haven’t really been able to get this girl, Precious, out of my head. I think she reminds me of some of my students…oh, the sadness, the loneliness in the world, it is amazing that people bare it..


1 Response to “precious preview”

  1. 1 thetigressreader
    September 24, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    It is interesting to me that Oprah produced this movie. It makes me think that there is a feel-good ending, but maybe that is more wishful thinking than anything, as this preview is perhaps the most depressing two minutes I have ever watched. Also, Feministing called this movie the ultimate feminist primer because it deals with so many different issues. I find that depressing too — does feminism have to be so depressing? Am I being a Pollyanna to say so?

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