In suicide, at least a choice

From: How Baida Wanted to Die (New York Times Magazine, Sunday, August 16th, 2009)

IT IS DIFFICULT to learn much about suicide bombers since there is rarely anything left of them..Each woman’s story is unique, but their journeys to jihad do have commonalities. Many have lost close male relatives. Baida and Ranya lost both fathers and brothers. Many of the women live in isolated communities dominated by extremists, where radical understandings of Islam are the norm. In such places, women are often powerless to control much about their lives; they cannot choose whom they marry, how many children to have or whether they can go to school beyond the primary years. Becoming a suicide bomber is a choice of sorts that gives some women a sense of being special, with a distinguished destiny.

Just wanted to add a quick post about his article. I found it fascinating that  for women who become suicide bombers, the decision may be one of the only real choices they make in their lives. An act of Feminism? Probably not, since they die for something that seeks to limit (even further) the choices women will be allowed to make.


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